Action & Adventure / Drama  7.2/10
Returning Series – episode 4x22 aired 6 days ago, episode 4x23 airs in 1 hour
422: A Lie in the Sand(April 16, 2018 – 6 days ago)
Team Scorpion heads to Northeast Africa where they must carefully navigate a minefield in order to save the lives of local villagers. Also, Paige and Walter's relationship takes a shocking turn, and Toby and Happy make an important decision.

A.K.A. CN: 代号蝎子  GR: Σκορπιός  IL: סקורפיון  IT: </scorpion>  LT: Skorpionas  MK: Шкорпион  RU: Скорпион  UA: Скорпiон